Announcing TeamWave – Unified Platform for Collaboration, Sales, Marketing & Support

TeamWave - Version 1.0

Today, we are announcing the public release of TeamWave – an integrated suite of business applications including CRM, Project Management, HRMS & Contact Management. The solution is free for small & medium-sized companies.

More than 2,000 companies signed-up for the private BETA, and are currently using TeamWave to manage business functions (sales, marketing, engineering, etc.)

TeamWave Customers

Why we built TeamWave

There are many apps/vendors specialized in Project Management or CRM or HRM or Invoicing. The problem is, when a company uses all these different apps, they find that the ROI diminishes significantly over a period of time:

  1. Different tools built by different companies don’t work well with each other. There is inconsistency in data, design & user experience.
  2. As your company (and data) grow, information is divided between different tools. Contacts in one place, invoices in another, project milestones somewhere else…
  3. Departments (sales, marketing, engineering, etc) in your company are never on the same page
  4. Total cost of ownership (TCO) is high because you pay for each tool, integration and sometimes training too!

SMEs (small & medium-sized enterprises) don’t like the complexity & pain involved in using “different” tools. They need something more efficient & simple to use. They also need a complete platform that has everything (well, almost!)

That’s why we built TeamWave. One platform for your team to collaborate. One platform to sell, deliver and support customers.

We built it with a minimal feature set that anyone can use, and we left out everything else. No clutter. No complexity. No extra features to confuse and overwhelm users.

In the future, we intend to build additional applications like Invoicing, Proposal Management, & Marketing Automation. We also intend to improve integration options.

At TeamWave, we believe that our journey has just started and we have a long way to go. We are constantly evolving our product by listening to our customers. Please comment, email or yell loudly – we’ll hear you. Our team is deeply thankful to everyone who has helped make our product better, and we invite you to reach out and let us know how TeamWave can make a bigger, better difference to you!

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