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Starting a startup, and wanting to find fellow cofounders, employees, and investors?

AngelList has garnered significant attention for the opportunities it offers to the startup community. There are several websites that offer these services in some form, but AngelList is miles ahead of competition. It has become the go-to platform for startups looking to raise capital and investors looking to form syndicates.

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An easy way to hire the right talent

The fact is that AngelList offers a rather effective means of getting a new job or finding the right person for a job you have in mind. There are currently (February-2017) around 1,723,000 people (excluding investors) using this site, as well as 24,000 companies currently hiring. The number of active candidates and jobs on this website doubled last year with 6,000 candidates joining every week.

There is no doubt that the technology industry is a competitive place for those who are looking for a job, and there is a constant stream of fresh startups looking for highly motivated and skilled individuals that can get the job done. AngelList offers a fast and effective way for startups to find the talent they need without forming a full-fledged human resources department.

The best thing about AngelList is the fact that it’s absolutely free. Moreover the founders or the recruitment head can proactively identify and reach out to the very best talent. The simple interface and the option to directly communicate once there is mutual interest makes sure that both of the parties have success on this platform. While it’s true that LinkedIn is popular, it doesn’t match up to AngelList in terms of active startups. Apart from that we must note that 50% of LinkedIn’s revenue comes from the matching of recruiters with talents. Considering startups need be lean and they need to save all the money they can, and using an active site like this for free is a definitely a great option.

A tech-focused startup community

One of the vital elements of AngelList is that its members are predominantly focused on tech startups. On LinkedIn companies and candidates belong to wide range – from students, early stage employees to large multinationals. This makes the community focus diluted. On AngelList the connection between startups and the candidates can be more personal and direct – which means, as founders you’ll get to meet people who are actually interested in working at your company. In other job boards, including LinkedIn the recruiters or the headhunters are more interesting in getting their fees. AngelList is building a stronger community around the startup ecosystem and this is quite evident from the acquisition of Product Hunt – a community that showcases latest products every day.

A great way for startups to raise capital

AngelList has some impressive statistics from 2015 on its website. It shows that the platform facilitated a staggering $163 million in funding! This was more than double of the amount ($60 million) in comparison to 2014. The platform had 441 startups, over 3300 individual investors, and 170 active syndicates.

One of the very important and impressive function of AngelList is its ability to effectively bring startups and angel investors together. Those who have a startup and need financing will find that they can use it to announce their intention to raise capital. Investors can use AngelList to get in touch with startups to get the details they need to make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to invest.

AngelList’s platform allows for a clear and open line of communication between startups and potential investors, allowing both parties to come together without any of the hassle associated with other similar websites. They feature various startups that the site’s internal team and a changing group of VCs find interesting, which in turn provides additional exposure to that startup and potentially accelerates the whole process.

The syndicate functionality is something that both investors and startups can benefit from. It allows well-known and established investors to lead a funding round with the participation of smaller investors. The strong network effects of AngelList can be a great boost for both investors and startups.

Ease of Use

AngelList is incredibly easy to use, and doesn’t come with all of the hassle of other online platforms. Investors that use this website are able to quickly and efficiently get the information they need about potential investment opportunities with startups with just a single click. Job posting and job seeking activities are a breeze via simple yet powerful filtering mechanism. It is clear that AngelList has made a conscious effort to make the usability as simple as possible.

A place for all startups

AngelList is a great platform for startups across the globe, although startups from the Silicon Valley have more advantage. There is a very level playing field for businesses that are just beginning, providing them with an equal opportunity for finding the financing they need to get their business going. There are many established angel investors and employers on this website, so the chances of both parties getting what they need are significantly higher than other online platforms. Hence, AngelList is one of the best for many reasons. With its tech-focused startup community as well as an easy-to-use platform, it has become quite popular with investors and startups alike.


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