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Top Angel Investors in Philippines

Philippines has become one of the fastest-growing markets in South-east Asia over the last decade, attracting many talented entrepreneurs to start new businesses in the region. In fact, the Philippines startup scene is one of the top emerging startup ecosystems in the world. Angel investors play a critical role in expanding the pipeline of investible businesses by providing early-stage ventures with essential resources including capital to bridge the funding gap and by sharing their expertise and networks to unlock business opportunities that facilitate growth.

We have compiled a list of active angel investors who are spearheading Philippines’s tech renaissance. They are venture capitalists, hedge fund managers, and entrepreneurs who scour Philippines for startups from Manila to Makati. If there is sufficient interest, the angels may offer mentorship, referrals, or further collaboration.

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List of Active Angel Investors in Philippines

1. Nix Nolledo:

Nix Nolledo is currently a Partner at Eden International PTE. He is also the Chairman of Xurpas, the largest mobile consumer technology company in the Philippines. Nix Nolledo is an active angel investor with investments in over 20 technology businesses in the e-commerce, new media and digital advertising. He is also a Board of Director at Gurango Software Corporation. 

Sector: Digital Media, Consumer Internet, SaaS, E-Commerce, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Kalibrr, Xurpas, Rappler, Fluxion, PicoCandy.

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2. Paco Sandejas: 

Paco Sandejas is the Director at Ostrea Mineral Laboratories. He is also the Founding Managing Partner at Narra Ventures, a boutique early-stage investment group that has invested in over 35 high-technology companies. Paco Sandejas is the Founder and CEO of Xepto Digital Education, a system developer and integrator of the most innovative platform for the delivery of digital education content.

Sector: Clean Technology, Ed-tech, Consumer Internet, Social Commerce.

Portfolio: Ikanos, Inphi, Alphion, Quintic, Calypto.

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3. Ron Hose:

Ron Hose is the Founder of, a company that delivers financial services over mobile to people in Southeast Asia. Ron Hose has also been a Founding Partner at Innovation Endeavors. He is a tech entrepreneur and investor. Ron is a Dynamic, analytical and team-oriented professional. He graduated from Cornell University with a Masters degree in Computer Science.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Information Technology, E-Commerce.

Portfolio: Gogobot,, DoNanza, Eyeview.

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4. Mark Dave Manansala:

Mark Dave Manansala is an Internetainterpreneuer and he is a passionate blockchain advocate and crypto enthusiast. He is currently the Chief Blockchain Officer at The Blockchain Pundit. Mark is also the CEO and Founder of Coin Market Ready, a platform that provides listing of all merchants, stores, agencies and other establishments that accept cryptocurrency payments for goods and services.

Sector: Cryptocurrency, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, E-Commerce.

Portfolio: Binance Labs, Coinbase, LoyalCoin Appsolutely.

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5. James Lette:

James Latte is the Founder and Executive Director at Manila Angel Investors Network, (MAIN) is a not-for-profit which supports the Philippines startup ecosystem. He is also a Founder and CEO of Kerubin Capital, a catalytic blended finance vehicle to support women-led and women-owned startups operating in Philippines. 

Sector: Fin-tech, Education, SaaS, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Acudeen, PhilSmile, EduSuite,

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6. Ray Alimurung:

Ray Alimurung is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Lazada Group, a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. Before joining Lazada Group, Ray was the CEO at aCommerce, Philippines. Ray Alimurung is an active angel investor and mentor. He earned his MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. 

Sector: Consumer Internet, E-Commerce, Enterprise Software, SaaS.

Portfolio: BrightFunnel,, aCommerce.

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7. Jake Ervin Jonathan:

Jake Ervin Jonathan is the Founder and CEO of Springboard, it is one of Philippines outsourcing firm that specializes in HR solutions, international B2B leads generation, outbound/inbound sales service and support. Jake has founded many startups. He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science in Instructional Technology from De La Salle University.

Sector: Social Recruiting, Fin-tech, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Complink, Vitruv Technologies, Sprinboard,

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8. Bryan Bontilao:

Bryan Bontilao is the Co-Founder of Ordervace, an online platform that enables business owners to digitize their physical products and allows customers to order them in advance using cross-platform mobile applications. Bryan Bontilao is a tech-entrepreneur and an active angel investor. He has co-founded many startups such as WINFAIRFAIL and 2ezapps. 

Sector: Consumer Internet, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Fin-tech.

Portfolio: Optelos, Jassby, Virtuix, Gatsby.

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9. John Orrock:

John Orrock is the Founder of Future Now Ventures, a boutique venture capital firm focusing on startups and fast growth companies. John has co-founded many startups such as Barhead Solutions, Hammerjack and Cloud Sherpas. John is an active angel investor and a mentor, he has guided many entrepreneurs and also helped them in scaling their businesses.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Cloud Computing, SaaS, Enterprise Software.

Portfolio: Advvy, Nowinfinity, Salarium,

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10. Shahab Shabibi:

Shahab Shabibi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Machine Ventures that prides itself in “Transforming ideas into companies”. Under Machine Ventures he started MyKuya, an On-Demand service platform with the goal of creating 1 million job opportunities in the Philippines by 2022. He was selected as one of Asia’s most influential entrepreneur Under 30 by Forbes magazine.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Digital Media, Enterprise Software, E-Commerce.

Portfolio: MyKuya, Get.Place, HeyKuya,

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11. Earl Martin Valencia:

Earl Martin Valencia is the President and Co-Founder of the IdeaSpace Foundation, a non-profit incubator and accelerator based in Manila with $12 million in funding. He has funded more than 28 companies that focus on the needs of the emerging markets ranging from mobile apps to hardware based development technologies in the past 3 years. 

Sector: Mobile, Mobile Commerce, Consumer Internet, Ed-tech.

Portfolio: TimeFree Innovations, PinoyTravel, ZipMatch.

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12. Arvin Rafol:

Arvin Rafol is leading the investment and corporate development activities of Future Now Ventures in the Philippines including operations, deal origination, execution and market research. Arvin Rafol is an experienced Operational Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the venture capital private equity industry. He earned his MBA from Ateneo de Manila University.

Sector: Cloud Computing, SaaS, Mobile, E-Commerce, Education, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: Advvy, haventec,, Booky.

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13. Minette Navarrete:

Minette Navarrete is the Co-Founder and President at Kickstart Ventures. She has helped many startups to achieve a faster launch and a better business trajectory through a combination of funding, facilities, mentoring and market access. Minette has held a number of CEO/COO positions in various industries ranging from startups to iconic global companies.

Sector: Fin-Tech, Healthcare, Education, SaaS, Consumer Internet.

Portfolio: ZipMatch, Medix, C88, Coins,ph, BagoSphere.

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14. Richard Kimball:

Richard Kimball is the Founder and CEO of HEXL, Inc. where he heads the corporate strategy and development of a dynamic and revolutionary healthcare technology business. A longtime investment banker, Richard Kimball represented the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. as a Managing Director of Equity Capital Markets since 2005.

Sector: Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Healthcare, Mobile.

Portfolio: MiMedia, Wellth, ideeli, FloWater.

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15. Dado Banatao:

Dado Banatao is the Founder and Managing Partner at Tallwood Venture Capital. With his past experience as an entrepreneur, Dado Bantao provides Tallwood with a unique perspective in technology investments. Prior to forming Tallwood, he was a Venture Partner at Mayfield Fund. He actively invests in startups spread across Southeast Asia.

Sector: Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Clean Technology, SaaS.

Portfolio: Striiv, Redfern Integrated Optics, Cloudmondo, ikanos.

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16. Chris Lee: 

Chris Lee is a Partner at Future Now Capital. Chris is a highly experienced finance and operations professional, specialized in assisting fast-growth global consulting services, technology and network integration companies. Chris held several senior executive finance and operations roles across various IT sectors.

Sector: SaaS, Enterprise Software, Cloud Computing, Fin-tech, E-Commerce.

Portfolio: Kalibrr, Salarium,, Ambidexter.

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17. Jay Fajardo:

Jay Fajardo is a serial tech entrepreneur who has founded many startups over the years, and is an ardent advocate of innovation from the grass roots. He is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of digital health startup MEDIFI. Jay Fajardo is considered to be one of the pioneers and shapers of the  Philippine tech startup ecosystem.

Sector: Healthcare, Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, SaaS.

Portfolio: Proudcloud, Launchgarage, MEDIFI.

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18. Dan Siazon:

Dan Siazon is the Co-Founder as well as the Senior Vice President and Treasurer of Kickstart Ventures. Dan Siazon’s career track has mostly been in global-tech related companies, particularly in telecommunications, personal portable computers and over a decade in tech venture investing with JAFCO Asia. He has earned his MBA from University of Pennsylvania- The Wharton School.

Sector: Consumer Internet, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Healthcare, Digital Media.

Portfolio: Dialpad, EngageSpark, Kumu, Wattpad.

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19. JoJo Flores:

Jojo Flores is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Operations at Plug and Play Tech Centre, an ultimate innovation platform for startups. Jojo is currently involved in overall strategic planning and prioritizing of Plug and Play. Jojo’s immediate focus is on building strategic alliances in the Philippines and other regions of Southeast Asia. 

Sector: Fin-tech, Internet of Things, Health and Wellness, Logistics.

Portfolio: Svested, Paysend, Predictiv, Baarzo.

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20. Bit Santos:

Bit Santos is a big believer of empowering people through clear strategy and strong culture. He is the Portfolio Director at Kickstart Ventures where he leads the efforts to support portfolio companies and to nurture the local startup ecosystem. Prior to joining Kickstart, he was the Chief Technology Officer for OLX Philippines. He has been a software product development leader for more than 10 years. 

Sector: Digital Media, Enterprise Software, AI, Games, E-Commerce.

Portfolio:, AVA, edamama, Collectco, igloohome.

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    need investor for my tiangge and foodpark here in the Philippines..

  2. King Mediano

    I am looking for an angel investor to fund for startup and bridge capital, research and development that could make our projects more successful or an investor to fund the whole solar farm project in our pipeline, 80 Megawatts and 600 Megawatts, Solar Power Plant here in the Philippines.

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