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Top 25 Startups to Watch in Thailand

Thailand is exponentially transforming the startup community from a hidden gem into one of South East Asia’s  most promising ecosystems. Thailand enjoys a strong reputation for innovation. The country has been effective in transforming its innovation investments into innovation outputs to provide a boost to its economy. This statistic alone should give the VCs and investors of Thailand confidence.

The Thailand Government aims to make Thailand a global startup hub. After Indonesia, Thailand has the largest economy in ASEAN. Its plentiful natural resources, and a strong tourism industry bringing in money and influence and they certainly have an opportunity. These factors, as well as the living and working costs in Thailand, have led to a booming startup market, with plenty of local innovation and foreign investments. We have also compiled a list of active angel investors who are spreading Thailand’s tech renaissance.

List of Top 25 Startups to watch in Thailand

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1. Lightnet

Lightnet uses blockchain technology to provide cross-border payment capabilities for its partners.  It is a fin-tech company dedicated to improving the lives of the unbanked and underbanked by building an inclusive international remittance ecosystem that increases the efficiency of existing money transfer operators, financial institutions and other cross-border payment providers. Lightnet’s initial focus will be on Southeast Asia remittances, which it estimates to be in excess of USD 150 billion a year.

Industry: Cryptocurrency, Fin-Tech.

Founders: Chatchaval Jiaravanon.

Total Funding: $32.2M

Founded Date: 2018




2. EasySunday

EasySunday is a multi-line Insur-Tech firm with fully-integrated sales and services platforms designed to reinvent the entire insurance value chain where the nature of risks is rapidly shifting as we progress towards a digital economy. EasySunday received the award for Thailand Best Fin-tech Startup 2019 at the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards.

Industry: Insur-Tech, Fin-Tech.

Founders: Cindy Kua.

Total Funding: $30M

Founded Date: 2017




3. Deliveree

Deliveree is a full service logistics marketplace powered by sophisticated mobile and web app technology that allows your business to book and manage ground transportation of goods, cargo, merchandise, and almost anything else. Deliveree  operates in Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. Its  marketplace connects businesses with qualified drivers of commercial vehicles to provide affordable and trustworthy service according to its high quality standards.

Industry: Logistics.

Founders: Quan Nguyen, Tom Kim.

Total Funding: $38.8M

Founded Date: 2015




4. Flash Express

Flash Express is a logistics and transportation company that operates a door-to-door pickup and delivery service. The company uses its fully in-house developed technology and Big Data to digitize and standardize the delivery process which allows it to increase operational efficiency and offer competitive prices.

Industry: Logistics, E-Commerce, Transportation.

Founders: Di Weijie, Komsan Lee.

Total Funding: $350M

Founded Date: 2017




5. Plizz

Based in Bangkok, Plizz is a startup providing technology-powered accounting services to SMEs, helping them lessen time spent in all their accounting & tax obligations so they can focus on developing their business. Also, it gives the customers access to its accountants who give advisory solutions.

Industry: Accounting, Financial Services.

Founders: Benoit Meneau.

Total Funding: $300K

Founded Date: 2015




6. Finnomena

Finnomena is a digital wealth management platform for investors and financial advisers. It is Thailand’s leading all-in-one digital wealth management platform for investors and financial advisors with over 100k investment accounts opened. Finnomena  has achieved significant growth to date and is poised to scale rapidly.

Industry: Financial Services

Founders: Chayanon Rakkanjanan, Jessada Sookdhis. Kasin Suthammanas.

Total Funding: $13.4M

Founded Date: 2016




7. Money Table

Money Table is a platform that  simplifies  the process of company’s employees looking to explore personal finance options. MoneyTable  was formed in late 2016 to become the leading online financial platform to fix the problems with the current. And as a platform for further development, welfare organizations, focusing on facilitating online financial and personnel work.

Industry: Finance, Fin-Tech

Founders: Piya Jootar

Total Funding: $1.5M

Founded Date: 2016




8. Rabbit Internet

Rabbit Internet was founded in 2015 by Johannes von Rohr. Rabbit internet develops sustainable online and media services business. Rabbit internet accesses a unique platform combining talent, media, data and capital. Rabbit Internet’s key focus is on sustainable consumer internet business model for South East Asia.

Industry: Internet

Founders: Johannes von Rohr

Total Funding: $9.1M

Founded Date: 2015




9. Sabai Customer

Sabai Customer is an enterprise customer communications platform with AI-driven response optimization engine. Sabai Customer  was established in 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand to solve a problem that has plagued companies since the very onset of industrial and technological civilization: that of providing seamless, intelligent, and efficient customer communications.

Industry: Enterprise Software, Artificial Intelligence.

Founders: Carlo Pietrobattista, Srinivasan Ravi.

Total Funding: $500K

Founded Date: 2017




10. QueQ

QueQ is a start-up company, producing a revolutionary application for queuing that allows users to virtually stand in line. QueQ helps users manage time wisely at crowded places. This innovative application was founded by Rungsun Promprasith in 2015.

Industry: SaaS, Internet.

Founders: Rungsun Promprasith

Total Funding: $2.9M

Founded Date: 2015




11. Masii

 Masii is an online platform that enables users to compare financial products such as car insurance, credit cards, personal loan and more. Masii is a leading comparison site for financial and insurance product. It is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Industry: Insurance, Fin-Tech.

Founders: Matthias Juergens, Max Meyer

Total Funding: $2.4M

Founded Date: 2016




12. Everex

A Crypto-powered payment and banking platform for entrepreneurs, startup founders and affiliate marketers. Everex holds 6 years track record in Blockchain R&D and was the first company to introduce the application of Stablecoins in low-cost instant payment settlements in 2016.

Industry: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fin-Tech.

Founders: Alexander Kakunov, Alexi Lane.

Total Funding: $500K

Founded Date: 2016




13. Roojai was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Sriracha, Chon Buri, Thailand. is a new car insurance service especially created for drivers in Thailand. Roojai is a licensed broker regulated by OIC and they have partnered with Krungthai Panich Insurance (KPI) of the Krungthai Bank (KTB) Group to provide the best possible online car insurance product for consumers. 

Industry: Insurance

Founders: Nicolas Faquet

Total Funding: $7M

Founded Date: 2015




14. SiamCarDeal

SiamCarDeal is an online car listing platform in Thailand. It is a website that provides information, knowledge, news about cars,  all types of vehicles and information of service providers or distributors Information provided or available on the website is for the benefit of customers.

Industry: Automobile

Founders: Damien Kerneis, Siriporn Chaowonglert

Total Funding: $300K

Founded Date: 2016




15. BitKub

Founded in February 2018, Bitkub is a new generation digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers advanced exchange services to individuals who intend to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is a game-changing technology for the financial industry. Its ability to remove middlemen in the financial system has revolutionized the world by giving faster, cheaper, and safer borderless payments.

Industry: Crytocurrency

Founders: Topp Jirayut Srupsrisopa

Total Funding: $4M

Founded Date: 2018




16. Z Home

 Founded in 2015, Z Home is a property listing platform based out of Thailand. The portal claims to have no brokers and the interaction is with owners and buyers/ tenants. It provides basic tools for sellers and buyers to access the sales cycle and help in lead generation. 

Industry: Real Estate

Founders: Natthapon Asswisessiwakul

Total Funding: $1M

Founded Date: 2015




17. Sasom

Sasom was founded by Gunpod Lertkomolsuk, Harit Achanapornkul and Kasit Nganthavee in 2019. Sasom is an e-commerce platform. It is a next generation marketplace for authentic luxurious Transactions. Sasom is Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.

Industry: E-Commerce

Founders: Gunpod Lertkomolsuk, Harit Achanapornkul, Kasit Nganthavee.

Total Funding: $1.3M

Founded Date: 2019




18. Freshket

Founded in 2017 by Paniangwet and Tuangploi Chiwalaksanangkoon, Freshket is an e-commerce marketplace that brings together farmers and food processors to supply fresh produce to B2B and B2C customers in Thailand. FreshKet is an integrated workflow marketplace for fresh food suppliers and restaurants.

Industry: Agriculture, Food and Baverages.

Founders: Paniangwet, Tuangploi Chiwalaksanangkoon.

Total Funding: $3M

Founded Date: 2016




19. Giztix

 Giztix is an e-marketplace for worldwide logistics  services which covers pick-ups, trucks, freight and customs clearance. It is an integrated logistics platform, solving problems on speed & fragmented processes of truck sourcing and also managing their own fleets that cause un-scalable deliveries. 

Industry: Logistics, Transportation.

Founders: Sittisak Wongsomnuk.

Total Funding: $3.4M

Founded Date: 2015





SCOOTA is founded on the idea to make urban mobility smart, resourceful and fun. By providing next generation emission-free first and last mile transportation, SCOOTA aims to leave Southeast Asian cities in a healthier state. SCOOTA provides individuals, hotels, universities, and urban communities with scooter rental & sharing services.

Industry: Transportation, Mobility.

Founders: Manuel Bender

Total Funding: $6M

Founded Date: 2018




21. FastWork

Founded in 2015 by a group of engineers and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and New York, FastWork is one of the largest professional freelancing platforms in Southeast Asia by number of users and projects completed. FastWork also helps freelancers collect payments, promote their services, manage their orders, exchange files and communicate with their clients anywhere, anytime.

Industry: Enterprise Software

Founders: Apon Palanuwech, Ben Vibhagool, Jerd Pichitkul.

Total Funding: $5.5M

Founded Date: 2015




22. Drivemate

Drivemate is a car rental platform. It is a leading peer to peer car sharing service in Thailand. If you own a vehicle, you can  put it for rent on Drivemate so it can pay for itself. Drivemate provides trust to both parties with full insurance coverage and customer service.

Industry: Car Sharing

Founders: Sikharin Cholpratin, Silratth Sukwatthanasiri

Total Funding: $2.2M

Founded Date: 2016




23. Meticuly

 Founded in February 2017, Meticuly is a 3D printing medical technology company focusing on personalised implant solutions for bone-related surgery applications. Instead of off-the-shelf standard-sized implants to treat patients with bone deformity, Meticuly provides state-of-the-art pre-operative planning, surgical guides, and implants that are tailored to fit individual patients.

Industry: 3D Printing, Healthcare.

Founders: Boonrat Lohwongwatana, Peeranoot Lohwongwatana

Total Funding: $4.1M

Founded Date: 2017




24. RISE

RISE is a Leading Corporate Innovation Powerhouse, based in Southeast Asia. With the mission to lift up 1% of GDP for this region, RISE works with corporates and governments in the region to become more innovative in the faster future through our unique corporate accelerator, intrapreneur university, venture building services, and its experiential conference. It helps corporations and governments innovate faster through its corporate innovation platform.

Industry: Education, Management Consulting

Founders: Rathiya Jinn Issarachaikul, Sumana Fon Parchiayanon.

Total Funding: $8M

Founded Date: 2016




25. Fashion E-Commerce Asia

Fashion E-Commerce Asia is a fashion brand established in Bangkok. This e-commerce platform was  founded in 2017 by Jun Horata and Rinyaphat Phattaratheeda. Fashion E-Commerce Asia aims to present fashion trends at affordable prices, without compromising quality. 

Industry: E-Commerce

Founders: Jun Horata, Rinyaphat Phattaratheeda

Total Funding: $3.7M

Founded Date: 2017


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