TeamWave Spotlight: SnapWebServices

SnapWebServices is a full-service Marketing & PR Agency, based in Houston, TX, providing services by analyzing customers need and identifying current business growth problems.

Founded in 2017, SnapWebServices is a team of CEO’s, who spot opportunities, examine potential solutions, provide ROI, improve sales, traffic and leads to your business by coordinating effective and creative marketing strategies.

Their portfolio customers include Churchy’s Chicken, Reddy Cardiology, US Team Ink, Express Digitizing, LSCR LLC, Marmoua Favors, Texas Showcase, Qlever Labs, Eric’s Car Care, Mobil Solution and Safe Watch. Read on to learn more about their story, as told via founder and CEO, Hassan Zohaib

How did your business start? What is your focus area?

[HZ] The idea came from how every business in order to survive in the modern age needs some sort of marketing to thrive, but yet there were only a handful of actual agencies who help and cater to SMB Clients to ACTUALLY grow their business. So we started bringing on bring more exposure to small to mid-size business whether is in a form of traffic, leads, awareness, & etc.”

How do you promote/market your business?
[HZ] Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Television Advertising, Billboard, & Etc


group 3

What is the smallest change you’ve made that had the biggest impact?
[HZ] The smallest change that I have made that has had a tremendous change is transparency with clients. I don’t go around lying and boasting about how amazing my services are, and how we can make them instantly big. Instead, I set realistic expectations and tell them the goal and how we are going to get there.

What are your company goals and objectives over the next 2-3 years?

[HZ] Our company goal in the next 3 years is to help over 3,500 business nationwide!

We decided to go with TeamWave after researching dozens of All-In-One solutions for business and it definitely took care of our organization’s needs.

Hassan Zohaib [CEO]
What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

[HZ] Don’t be afraid to screw up, a “failure” or “mistake” is a lesson learned.

Why did you pick TeamWave? How does TeamWave help your company?

[HZ] We decided to go with TeamWave after researching dozens of All-In-One solutions for business that can take care of the whole organization. Other apps were just not there to manage the whole organisation, but then we found TeamWave and it definitely took care of our organization’s needs.

CEO: Hassan Zohaib
Founded: 2015
HQ: Houston, TX
Industry: Marketing & PR

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