Incubator Vs. Accelerator Vs. Co-Working Space

Many entrepreneurs are on the lookout for a suitable place to start and operate their business. The options include Incubators, Accelerators, and Co-Working Space. Entrepreneurs looking to venture into a startup need to be familiar with these options as there are a lot of differences and the final choice can have either positive or negative impact on the business. Why […]

Google Hangouts vs Skype for Business

In recent years, Skype and Google Hangouts have developed exclusive features for online communication and focusing more on video calls. While Google has been promoting the Google Hangouts for both businesses and personal use, Skype has launched Skype for Business. In this context, let us make a one-on-one comparison and see how they stack up. How […]

Every Project Takes Longer Than You Think It Will – Here’s Why

When your project does not go according to the plan, it can be a frustrating experience. Do not worry too much about it as it happens to everyone. Let us see how you can avoid it and mitigate the risks. When I started my first project, I thought about the final outcome and expected to […]