Top 25 Digital Agencies from Singapore in 2015

Singapore’s strategic location and business friendly policies has made it one of the World’s most successful economies. In order to support traditional as well as new businesses, a large number of digital agencies have sprung up in the island county. But, only some of the agencies have delivered exceptional business value to their clients and […]

Problems that Clients Face with Digital Agencies

Many businesses going online lack expertise in the digital medium, and therefore rely on digital agencies. Unfortunately, most engagements do not meet expectations and clients feel let down by their agencies. In this post we’ll go though some of the most common pain points clients face while working with their digital agencies. Effort based pricing: […]

TeamWave CRM: Simple, Interactive and Visual Sales Pipeline Tool

TeamWave CRM is designed to help your sales team achieve better results with less effort. It allows your sales reps to rapidly push for closures, by providing data-driven insights to help them identify and work on viable opportunities. Here’s a look at key features of TeamWave CRM: Visual sales pipeline that helps your team to […]

Unclog Your Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is one of the most widely used technique to visualize sales process; the way a new prospect becomes a lead and finally emerges as a customer at the end of the funnel. Given the huge size of prospects and relatively smaller size of prospects turning into customers, it becomes very difficult to […]

Top 25 Digital Agencies in London – 2015

Digital Agencies have evolved significantly in last few years. Successful agencies use cross-functional teams for design, engineering, marketing and data science to solve business problems. Specialization and deep understanding of new media helps agency clients to prioritize digital channels, access consistent metrics, insights and embark on a path to capture global/local market. Typically they provide […]

Why CRM is Necessary for a Growing Company? [Infographic]

Customer relationship management applications hold customer data in a central repository and tracks customer interaction that a sales rep has with a prospect or customer in order to efficiently manage sales, marketing and customer support. This application helps sales rep by storing and tracking customer data, so that they can do what they do best: […]