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15Five Alternatives and Competitors (2021)

Looking for an alternative to 15Five? We have curated a list of the 10 best performance management software that are a possible replacement for 15Five. You can compare the pros and cons of each of these employee management apps and decide which one is right for your business.

So, why are businesses searching for an alternative to 15Five?

15Five claims to drive employee engagement and performance. But then why are many users and companies searching for 15Five alternatives?

Let’s dive into some of the drawbacks of 15Five. These issues have been highlighted by their current and former users.

  1. Not flexible for different organization types. This is a huge problem as all businesses have different needs and flexible requirements.
  2. Objective tracking is limited and not very robust.
  3. Not intuitive and users find it confusing to use this software. Many users are not sure why few features exist or how they work.
  4. The mobile application is crashing regularly which is a huge problem for the users especially when they have to use 15Five on the go.

Also, some businesses feel that 15Five isn’t a critical piece of software when used as a standalone solution. Businesses are on the lookout for platforms that have an integrated business suite and “Performance Management” is just one of the features. Additionally, repetitive questions (asked regularly) will make the conversation boring and make the employees feel that they are being micromanaged.

So what if there are software that help you in managing your employees and at the same time help you in CRM and Project Management for your business? Cool right! Let’s see which one out of the top 10 15Five alternatives are the right fit for your company.

Top 10 alternatives to 15Five:

After analysing different competitors and alternatives for 15Five, these are the top 10 alternatives that we have rounded up for you!

  1. TeamWave
  2. Lattice Performance Management
  3. Leapsome
  4. Reflektive
  5. Motivosity
  6. Engagedly
  7. Betterworks
  8. 7Geese
  9. Culture Amp
  10. WeThrive

#1 TeamWave

TeamWave Highlights:

  • Time-Off Management to improve how your company tracks vacation, holidays, sick leave, conferences, or any other time away from daily work.
  • Automatic Check-ins that ask your team any questions you want on a consistent schedule. 
  • Custom Roles that help you define different access levels for team members based on their responsibilities.

TeamWave is an all-in-one, small business productivity platform that is fully integrated with Google Workspace. Manage your sales, contacts, projects & people in one place for just $39 /Month

  • Customize CRM to match any business or sales process
  • HRM, CRM and Task/ Project Management, all of this, in one place.
  • Mobile App that helps the team stay updated about various deals and projects, even when they are travelling
  • Built-in notifications and reminders to keep track of all tasks and activities.
  • Reports and Forecasts for important insights which lead to efficient sales planning
  • Web forms to capture important information about the prospects, and thus, find quality leads
  • Products Feature creates a library of all goods or services the business provides and links them to the deals.
  • Integrates with other apps like Gsuite, Zapier and QuickBooks to capture all the important information.
TeamWave - Best CRM, Project Management and HRM Software
TeamWave – Best CRM, Project Management and HRM Software

How is TeamWave CRM better than 15Five?

Focusses only on performance management and employee managementAlong with performance and employee management, it has advanced features for Project Management as well as Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
Availability of only a few integrations like Slack and Google CalendarPowerful integrations with Mailchimp, Google Workspace, Slack, Zapier, Quickbooks and much more.
The main features are Weekly Check-ins, 1-1 meeting and goal setting frameworksTeamWave has advanced HRM features like Time-Off Management, advanced user permissions and visibility settings, Noticeboard to share workspace stories and happenings. TeamWave will also be launching a 1-1 meeting, feedback system and goal-setting framework for their users.
No Project Management featuresAdvanced project management features such as list/kanban views, templates tasks/subtasks, time-tracking & more are included in the plan for unlimited users.
No CRM featuresIncludes all the advanced features such as customized sales pipeline, lead capture forms and product add-ons
Total Cost for 10 Users = $70 per monthTotal Cost for 10 Users = $39 per month.In fact, TeamWave is $39 for UNLIMITED Users.
Difference between 15Five and TeamWave

Key Consideration: Flat pricing at US$39/month for unlimited users along with all the important applications and integrations with other software, makes TeamWave one of the best 15Five alternatives. TeamWave not only has employee management features but has advanced features for Project Management as well as CRM. So, TeamWave is a perfect performance management system for small businesses and startups. As it will be easy for them to scale their businesses without impacting the overhead costs drastically. Also, the integrations with platforms like Mailchimp and Google Workspace helps to increase the efficiency of the team and automates the processes.

Price for UNLIMITED users: US$ 39/month

#2 Lattice

Lattice Highlights

  • 360 degree and manager led performance reviews
  • Custom question templates
  • Performance reporting and analytics
  • Performance review sentiment analysis
  • OKRs and goal management
Lattice People Management Software
Lattice People Management Software

Key Consideration: Lattice is an employee performance management software for mid-sized companies. It also helps to build engaged and high performing teams. Furthermore, it includes 4 modules: Reviews, Goals, Feedback, and Check-ins. They also provide rich employee engagement insights. Additionally, they allow HR teams to take more strategic and data driven decisions. One con is that people find the software bit confusing, and it is hard to visualize the OKRs from different users. 

Price for 10 users: $90/month

#3 Leapsome

Leapsome Highlights

  • Performance reviews and team meetings
  • Goals and OKRs
  • Pulse and engagement surveys
  • Onboarding paths and learning analytics
Leapsome Performance Management Software
Leapsome Performance Management Software

Key Consideration: Leapsome helps to create a continuous cycle of performance management and personalized learning that powers employee engagement and the success of their business. Furthermore, as a people management platform, Leapsome combines tools for Performance Reviews and 360, Goals & OKRs Management, Employee Learning & Onboarding, Feedback & Praise, Employee Engagement Surveys, and Meetings. Although this product has great reviews there was a concern about their high learning curve which can be a challenge for small businesses that are looking for fast adoption.

Price for 10 users: $70/month

#4 Reflektive

Reflektive Highlights

  • 360 degree, manager and self performance reviews
  • Performance Check-ins
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Engagement polls
  • 1 x 1 coaching
Reflektive - Boost Productivity, Retention and Engagement
Reflektive – Boost Productivity, Retention and Engagement

Key Consideration: Reflektive is a talent development platform that consists of a holistic and integrated suite of performance products and solutions. Furthermore, it is built for flexibility and engagement. The Reflektive Platform also offers numerous interchangeable modules including performance check-ins, goal management, and lightweight performance reviews to create the right performance and talent development processes for every business across virtually every industry. But you have to consider that, it is a beneficial tool for growing or a mature company where tracking individual goals and performance becomes cumbersome.

Price for 10 users: approx $70/month

#5 Motivosity

Motivosity Highlights

  • Personality profiles
  • 1 on 1s
  • Continuous Feedback and Performance coaching
  • Success Planning
Motivosity helps keep your employees engaged

Key Consideration: Motivosity is a social platform for companies who are serious about taking their culture to the next level. Motivosity also connects employees, promotes trust, and makes visible all the great work your team members are doing. Furthermore, they offer free trials and a six-month money-back guarantee. Motivosity is easy to configure, and will therefore meet the needs of most business environments. The users complain that the businesses reward the outward-facing employees more and thus the system needs to be more transparent and bias-free.

Price for 10 users: Starts at $65/month [Lead]

#6 Engagedly

Engagedly Highlights

  • 360 Multirater Feedback
  • OKRs
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Social Collaboration
  • Employee Surveys
Engagedly: Employee Performance Management
Engagedly: Employee Performance Management

Key Consideration: Engagedly is a cloud-based talent management platform. Furthermore, Engagedly is built for employees and as its name suggests, helps to improve engagement and in building teams. And, a few of the features included in Engagedly are Performance Management, Real-time feedback, 360 peer reviews, Goal management, social praise, as well as cascading. But, the learning curve is very high and sometimes the employees find it tedious to use this software.

Price for 10 users: $60/month [Performance and Learning]

#7 Betterworks

Betterworks Highlights

  • Goal setting or tracking
  • Milestone tracking
  • Performance management
  • Real-time monitoring
Betterworks Features
Betterworks Features

Key Consideration: Betterworks helps businesses in the continuous performance improvement of their employees. This solution also allows employees to improve performance through a seamless goal-setting framework and ongoing feedback. Furthermore, they have automated program updates and reminders. They also integrate with software like Gmail, Outlook, Slack etc. But, this tool is not helpful for businesses that are on the lookout for project management. Also it will be apt for medium-sized companies, which have more number of employees, when tracking individually is impossible.And also the number of employees must not be too large that it becomes too complex to analyze.

Price for 10 users: Pricing available on request

#8 7Geese

7Geese Highlights

  • OKR Goal Setting
  • Value based recognition
  • 1-on-1 coaching
7Geese: OKRs and Performance Management
7Geese: OKRs and Performance Management

Key Consideration: 7Geese is a goal setting and tracking system that not only enhances performance management but also career development. 7Geese also helps to enhance team performance, and aims at continuous development, through ongoing coaching discussions and 1-on-1s. A real-time record of coaching conversations, employee accomplishments, and feedback, allows individuals to identify their strengths as well as weaknesses. But, the users are not satisfied with the layout, appearance and ease of use.

Price for 10 users: $100/month

#9 Culture Amp

Culture Amp Highlights

  • Engagement surveys
  • Goals tracking and employee self reflection
  • Group coaching tools and resources
  • Integrations with Slack, Microsoft teams etc
Culture Amp: The people and culture platform

Key Consideration: Culture Amp is an employee engagement platform that offers functionalities such as onboarding feedback collection, employee pulse survey, and analysis of employee feedback. Culture Amp’s on-demand platform helps you build an employee feedback program that is customized for your organization as it is designed and supported by psychologists as well as data scientists. A few users also reported a clunky interface.

Price for 10 users: Pricing on request

#10 WeThrive

WeThrive Highlights

  • Dynamic engagement surveys
  • Pulse surveys
  • Data segmentation and reporting
  • Curated learning content
  • Action tracking
WeThrive: Employee Engagement Platform
WeThrive: Employee Engagement Platform

Key Consideration: We Thrive is an employee engagement platform that enables managers to retain key staff for longer, create highly effective teams and thus deliver better business results. At all levels, WeThrive’s model helps to quickly deliver actions, insights and learning content that also helps the managers create a high-performance culture. It has a highly complex system and sometimes the users might feel lost while using the software.

Price for 10 users: approx $70/month


This clearly shows that all 15Five alternatives, that is the above mentioned performance management software and engagement platforms have their own pros and cons, so you have to analyze the different characteristics and determine as to which one is the right fit for your employees.

Time to signup for TeamWave’s free trial and see for yourself why we call it the best.

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