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10 Best Quickbooks CRM Integrations in 2021

Quickbooks is one of the most preferred online accounting software by small and medium businesses. It organizes the accounting data on the cloud, thus helping you track sales, generate and send invoices, and analyze as to how your business is performing at any time. But then why is there a need for Quickbooks CRM Integration?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows businesses to perform various activities in sync, thus, helping them to build, maintain, and scale their relationships with their present as well as future customers. When it comes to syncing various activities, one important activity is getting instant access to customer accounting information such as current balance, payment status, purchase history etc. And this is where Quickbooks CRM Integration plays an important role.

Why is Quickbooks CRM Integration needed?

Although many CRMs offer Quickbooks CRM integration, the features offered by different CRMs are not the same. Keeping this in mind, here is a list of 10 best Quickbooks CRM Integration, that will help you boost your sales and increase customer satisfaction.

  1. TeamWave
  2. Nutshell
  3. Method
  4. Zoho
  5. Insightly
  6. Microsoft Dynamics 365
  7. Salesforce
  8. Copper
  9. Freshsales
  10. Pipedrive

10 Best Quickbooks CRM Integrations in 2021

#1 Quickbooks Integration with TeamWave

TeamWave is an integrated CRM, Project Management and HR Software. It provides small and medium-sized businesses with everything they need for effective collaboration, sales tracking, business processes, contact management, and marketing automation. 

Generating invoice using Quickbooks TeamWave Integration
Generating invoice using Quickbooks TeamWave Integration

Now talking about the Quickbooks integration with TeamWave, it is the only Quickbooks Online integration which works seamlessly for both CRM and project management.

TeamWave and QBO combine to give one complete view of your business, starting from capturing that first lead, delivering projects, right through to invoicing and payments. Wondering why we say Quickbooks Integration with TeamWave is the best choice you can make for your business? Then check out these benefits of TeamWave and QBO integration for yourself.

Benefits of TeamWave and Quickbooks Online integration

  • 360-degree view of the customers: Linking customers to QuickBooks in Projects, Deals, Organisation and Persons in TeamWave will help your team see all the transactions (Estimates, Payments and Invoices) of those customers within TeamWave. You can also create customer invoices in QuickBooks right from TeamWave.
  • Avoid duplication and increase data accuracy: As the data is synced between TeamWave and QBO, there is no duplication of data, thus, avoiding such errors.
  • Access information anytime, anywhere: Automatically creates new customer records in TeamWave and QuickBooks Online and keeps them synced. This way the whole team can collect the information even when they are on the go.
  • Improves efficiency of your business: With TeamWave and QBO integration, you can easily export your Timesheets as Invoices in QuickBooks with one click. Thus, in case you want to bill your clients or want to check if you are meeting your project’s budget, this is your go-to option.
Export Timesheet as Invoice in Quickbooks using TeamWave
Export Timesheet as Invoice in Quickbooks using TeamWave
  • Highly cost-effective: With an increase in efficiency and productivity, the employees can close more deals and faster, thus boosting the revenue of the businesses. And all these features are available with TeamWave at a flat price of US$ 39/month for unlimited users.

Key Consideration: TeamWave has an availability of all the essential apps, reporting features, project management tools and integrations with other software and a flat price at US$39/month for unlimited users. This makes TeamWave the best choice for small businesses and startups who are looking for a great Quickbooks CRM integration.

Price for UNLIMITED users: $39/month

#2 Quickbooks Integration with Nutshell

Nutshell is a CRM and sales automation platform which is designed to help sales teams perform the tasks faster. Their QuickBooks Online integration decreases busywork and prevents invoices from slipping through the cracks. 

Quickbooks integration with Nutshell
Quickbooks integration with Nutshell


  • Imports the QuickBooks Online customer lists into Nutshell with just a few clicks
  • Allows you to send companies, people, and leads to QuickBooks from their respective pages, and also allows creating invoices in QuickBooks directly from lead pages.

Key Consideration: Nutshell CRM is known for its ease-of-use. Users also say that it is good to set calls, emails or meeting reminders. Few users feel that this CRM is more expensive compared to its competitors and the learning curve is slightly higher. Also, their advanced search feature does not always provide accurate results.

Price for 10 users: US$ 190/month + 100$ for Quickbooks Integration

#3 Quickbooks Integration with Method

Method is a Quickbooks CRM platform that seamlessly syncs with your QuickBooks data, and offers a shared source of information across your organization. 

Accessing Quickbooks contacts in Method CRM
Accessing Quickbooks contacts in Method CRM


  • Quickbooks is integral to its sales process
  • Can easily perform common QuickBooks tasks from within their system

Key Consideration: Although it is termed as the Quickbooks CRM platform, its starting plan does not have basic features like creating invoices or purchase orders. It also lacks important CRM features like customizable reporting and pipeline automation. And when it comes to customer service, the users have complained about their poor and untimely response. For such limitations, the price seems to be very high.

Price for 10 users: US$ 250/month

#4 Quickbooks Integration with Zoho

Zoho CRM empowers organizations by helping them to manage organization-wide Marketing, Sales, Customer Support and Service and Inventory Management in a single business system.

Generating invoice using Zoho Quickbooks integration
Generating invoice using Zoho Quickbooks integration


  • Fully customized Quickbooks CRM integration
  • Export your credit notes, invoices and bills along with their payments from Zoho database to Quickbooks Online
  • Import your contacts and accounts into Zoho CRM from QuickBooks Online

Key Consideration: Although there are many features provided by the Quickbooks Zoho integration, when, it comes to the configuration part, you have to manually set up your import and export process for Quickbooks which might be difficult for users who have no prior experience with such software. And users often complain about poor customer response which will be a bigger issue for such beginners.

Price for 10 users: US$ 150/month

#5 Quickbooks Integration with Insightly

Insightly is used by businesses to manage contacts at every stage of the sales process, keep track of customer relationships, monitor their sales pipeline, etc. Now coming to Insightly Quickbooks integration, it is simple to use and easy to install.

Quickbooks and Insightly Integration
Quickbooks and Insightly Integration


  • Can view payment history and status of your customers with the help of their customized “QuickBooks Online” tab.
  • Gives you a complete history of any customer in your Quickbooks database.

Key Consideration: Although it provides many features, one major drawback of Quickbooks Insightly integration is that you can’t create invoices directly from Insightly. You have to leave your CRM to bill a customer thus making it difficult for the user as they have to manage multiple platforms simultaneously. It has a high learning curve and users complain that it has an outdated user interface. Additionally, as it is more expensive, it will not be an affordable choice for SMBs.

Price for 10 users: US$ 290/month

#6 Quickbooks Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics is a business management software that focusses on key CRM components: sales, marketing, and customer service. 

Integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Quickbooks with Inolink
Integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Quickbooks with Inolink


Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates with Quickbooks through other third-party integrations like Zapier, DBSync etc.

Key Consideration: Although Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides all the essential features like contact management, pipeline management and analytical tools, this software is considered too complex and has way too many features which are confusing and wasteful for small businesses. The users find it difficult to navigate on their CRM dashboard and are not happy with their user-interface.

Price for 10 users: $650/month [Sales Professional]

#7 Quickbooks Integration with Salesforce

Salesforce is a customizable CRM platform which allows you to organize work, optimize project schedule and budget, and take decisions based on real-time data. 

Integration of Salesforce and Quickbooks using Breadwinner
Integration of Salesforce and Quickbooks using Breadwinner


  • Salesforce Essentials Plan can be integrated with Quickbooks using third-party integrations such as Zapier, for higher plans such as Enterprise and Professional, they have Salesforce Connector for Quickbooks.

Key Consideration: Salesforce CRM has many efficient features, but for small businesses, this software is very expensive. Because, as the customization increases, the cost involved increases. So, for businesses which do not have a dedicated sales or marketing team, they’ll not need such complex software. And also, the learning curve is extremely high for this CRM. Moreover, the configuration is time-consuming. 

Price for 10 users: $250/month [Essential Plan]

#8 Quickbooks Integration with Copper

Copper CRM is the CRM that is built to work seamlessly with G Suite. Here, all the contacts, deals, emails and files can be managed from one place. Presently the Quickbooks-Copper Integration is only available in Beta Version and thus you have to rely on third-party apps like Zapier.

Quickbooks Copper Integration (Beta Version)
Quickbooks Copper Integration (Beta Version)

Key Consideration: If your business works primarily out of G Suite then Copper CRM will be a good option. But users were unhappy with customizable features offered by Copper CRM as they seemed to be confusing and time-consuming to work with. This CRM lacks basic features which other CRMs in the same price range offer.

Price for 10 users: $250/month 

#9 Quickbooks Integration with Freshsales

Freshworks CRM is an AI-powered CRM that includes marketing automation, salesforce automation, chat, and telephony all in one solution. Freshsales integrates with Quickbooks account so that the users can view invoices, outstanding balances, and payments from Quickbooks in Freshsales.

Freshsales (Freshworks) Quickbooks Integration
Freshsales (Freshworks) Quickbooks Integration


  • View customer invoices in Freshsales
  • You are notified in Freshsales when your customer pays in Quickbooks
  • Search Quickbooks invoices in Freshsales

Key Consideration: Freshsales CRM is a simple CRM software for small businesses. But one major drawback is that you still can’t invoice the customer directly from Freshsales. Also, the number of third-party integrations, compared to other CRM software, is less. While checking customer reviews, we found many complaints against their customer support services. When the business grows and the demand for advanced capabilities increases, it might be difficult to handle the tasks through FreshSales CRM.

Price for 10 users: US$ 190/month 

#10 Quickbooks Integration with Pipedrive

Pipedrive and Quickbooks Integration
Pipedrive and Quickbooks Integration

Pipedrive is a sales management tool that visualises your sales pipeline and helps to make organize important activities and conversations seamlessly. It uses the SyncQ App to automatically sync Quickbooks information with Pipedrive CRM.


  • Create customers directly from Pipedrive
  • Estimate and invoice generation from Pipedrive Estimates
  • Emailing Estimates and Invoices

Key Consideration: Pipedrive is a user-friendly tool. This CRM helps businesses find qualified leads and thus scale up their business. Pipedrive CRM is good for small businesses but managing data is tough. Especially when the businesses start to grow, handling the tasks becomes more complex. It requires plenty of manual work and also there is a need for more workflow automation. Presently few tasks are time-consuming. 

Price for 10 users: US$ 120/month 


And when choosing the right CRM look into the larger perspective and select the CRM that is best for your business along with the Quickbooks integration.

And before choosing a CRM you always need to go for a test drive. Time to signup for TeamWave’s free trial and see for yourself why we call it the best.

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