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11 Best Project Management Integrations for Xero

Xero is online accounting software for small businesses. This tool helps you to stay updated about your financials anytime, anywhere. But when it comes to project management you also need to focus on various other aspects such as job, tasks and resource management, time-tracking, effective collaboration and real-time forecasting and reporting. And thus comes the need to have a Project Management integration with Xero. Here we list out the top 11 Project Management integrations for Xero.

10 Best Project Management Integrations for Xero

  1. TeamWave
  2. Paymo
  3. Insightly
  4. Bitrix24
  5. Agile CRM
  6. Freshworks
  7. TeamWork
  8. BigTime
  9. Scoro
  10. Quotient
  11. Myhours

#1 Xero Integration with TeamWave

TeamWave is an integrated Project Management, CRM and HR Software. It provides small and medium-sized businesses with everything they need for effective collaboration, sales tracking, business processes, contact management, and marketing automation. 

TeamWave has advanced Project Management features like list/kanban views, templates, tasks/subtasks, time-tracking & more, which are included in the plan. And, all this is available for unlimited users.

Now talking about the Xero integration with TeamWave, it works seamlessly for both project management and CRM.

TeamWave and Xero combine to give one complete view of your business, starting from capturing that first lead, delivering projects, right through to invoicing and payments. Wondering why we say Xero Integration with TeamWave is one of the best choices you can make for your business? Then check out these benefits of TeamWave and Xero integration for yourself.

Benefits of TeamWave and Xero Integration

  • Avoid Switching Apps and Increase Productivity: You can create detailed invoices and send them to your customers right from TeamWave. 
Create Invoice using TeamWave and Xero Integration
Create Invoice using Xero and TeamWave Integration
  • Stay updated with real-time data: You can view all the past invoices and purchase details at one place and always stay updated about your customers with real-time data.
Track Invoices and Payments
Track Invoices and Payments
  • 360-degree view of the customers: Create new customers in Xero with one click and link them with CRM so that all customer information is available at the same place.
  • Highly cost-effective: All the above-mentioned advanced features are available with TeamWave at a flat price of US$ 39/month for unlimited users.

Key Consideration: TeamWave has an availability of all the essential apps, reporting features, Project Management tools, CRM, HRM and integrations with other softwares, available at a flat price at US$39/month for unlimited users. Thus, making TeamWave the best choice for small businesses and startups who are looking for a great Project Management tool to integrate with Xero.

Price for UNLIMITED users: $39/month

#2 Xero Integration with Paymo

Paymo Highlights
  • Mapping of Data between Xero and Paymo
  • Meta Task Board to view all tasks at the same place
  • A powerful time tracker to view time entries of the whole organization in different views
Creating invoices on Paymo
Xero and Paymo Integration

Key Consideration: Paymo is a work management solution for small businesses and remote teams that offers advanced task management, planning, scheduling, time tracking, invoicing and collaboration. Communication with colleagues can sometimes get a bit chaotic as it takes some time to get updated in the workflow. Also, the filters can sometimes be confusing.

Price for 10 users: US$ 99/month

#3 Xero Integration with Insightly

Insightly CRM Highlights
  • Can be Integrated with over 250 applications
  • Can automatically import and categorize the bank statements in real-time
  • Flexible Record linking of the contacts to deals and thus effectively manages customer relationships
  • Custom reporting & forecasting
Creating Invoices on Insightly
Xero and Insightly CRM Integration

Key Consideration:  Insightly CRM is a visually attractive and functionally intuitive customer relationship management solution. But at the same time, its mobile app does not have important CRM features such as time-tracking, real-time analysis and automatic notification. In addition, as it is more expensive, it will not be an affordable choice for SMBs.

Price for 10 users: US$ 290/month

#4 Xero Integration with Bitrix24

Bitrix24 Highlights:
  • Has released a beta version for integration between Xero and Bitrix24
  • Gantt Chart allows viewing Tasks and Subtasks
  • Task dependencies, the tool that helps to build logical relationships between tasks, is available here.
  • Availability of Kanban View
  • Reporting features for employee workload management
Creating invoice in Bitrix24
Bitrix24 and Xero Integration

Key Consideration: Bitrix24 is a collaboration suite with apps like task management, CRM, Telephony and time tracking, etc. Bitrix24 is a leading collaboration platform used by over 4 million companies worldwide. While it offers a lot of features that can be used by any company, it’s not focused on small business and usability. Its UX is termed as “clunky” by the users. Also, they provide poor customer experience as customer care is only available at few hours and are not experienced enough to resolve the issues.

Price for 10 users: US$ 95/month [Start+ Plans]

#5 Xero Integration with Agile CRM

Agile CRM Highlights
  • Monitor payment status using Xero widget
  • It automates sales, marketing and services at one place. This helps to maintain communication consistency.
  • Dynamic Webform
  • Advanced marketing metrics
  • It is easy to link social media profiles to campaigns and contact views
Managing Invoices using Agile Xero Integration
Managing Invoices using Agile Xero Integration

Key Consideration: Agile CRM, is an all-in-one project management system that does not have a high learning curve. It is a fully integrated CRM with contact management, sales tracking, marketing automation, 2-way emails and web analytics that has a clean modern interface. One major drawback was found for the starter package users, who can use only single integration. The reports are cluttered and confusing and users need to take higher plans to review activity reports. This CRM is expensive compared to other CRMs which offer similar or even advanced features.

Price for 10 users: US$ 99/month

#6 Xero Integration with Freshsales

Freshsales Highlights
  • Filter invoices using date range
  • Smart workflow automation
  • Personalized templates and can send multiple emails
  • Can call clients directly from the app and has other options like personalised welcome messages and auto-dialling.
  • Sort and filter options that help the users find bad deals, bestsellers or closed deals.
Xero and Freshsales Integration
Xero and Freshsales Integration

Key Consideration: Freshsales is a simple project management software for small businesses. This AI-powered CRM enables marketing and sales teams to better understand their customers using the right customer insights at each touchpoint. But one area of concern is that while looking at customer reviews, we found a number of complaints against their customer support services. Thus, as the business grows and the need for advanced functionalities increases, it can be difficult to manage operations with Freshsales.

Price for 10 users: US$ 190/month

#7 Xero Integration with TeamWork

TeamWork Highlights
  • Can export invoices to Xero
  • Can assign tasks and due dates using task lists, board views and Gantt charts
  • Time tracking tools
  • Fiters and dashboards can be used for reporting
Xero and Teamwork integration
Xero and Teamwork integration

Key Consideration: Teamwork is a work and project management software with all the features you need to plan, collaborate on, and deliver your work. But with too many features and a confusing dashboard people find it difficult to navigate through TeamWork. Thus, the system is not considered very intuitive to use. Thus it is great for handling small projects but not very useful when handling very complex ones.

Price for 10 users: US$ 100/month [Pro Plan]

#8 Xero Integration with Avaza

Avaza Highlights:
  • 2-way sync between Avaza and Xero
  • Schedule and edit assignments with simple drag and drop
  • Avaza chat feature for better conversations and discussions
  • Easy Time Tracking
  • Streamlining all-expense approvals and recurring expenses at one place.
Xero and Avaza Integration
Xero and Avaza Integration

Key Consideration: Avaza is a cloud-based project management software suite for client-focused businesses. It includes modules for resource scheduling, project management & collaboration, time tracking, quoting and invoicing and expense management. Although it has many amazing features, the users have complaint time and again that the user interface is old and laggy. Also, its huge learning curve is a challenge for small businesses that cannot wait long to adapt to a new system.

Price for 10 users: US$ 137/month [Startup]

#9  Xero Integration with Scoro

Scoro Highlights:
  • Dynamic dashboards so that the users can track real-time results
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Detailed enterprise-level reports
  • Real-Time KPI dashboards
Xero and Scoro Integration
Xero and Scoro Integration

Key Consideration: Scoro CRM is a project management software that simplifies work and reduces the time spent on routine tasks. It has a few awesome features that help in the end-to-end project and business management. And that is the exact reason we have added it to this list. But one major let down is the report section. It has limited features. The software needs to be a lot more intuitive and also it has a steep learning curve. So this software might be expensive for small businesses compared to other project management softwares that offer similar features.

Price for 10 users: US$ 260/month

#10 Xero Integration with Quotient

Quotient Highlights
  • Xero invoice is created automatically, once the quote is accepted
  • Xero customers can be added to the Quotes in Quotient
  • Can include images and files in the quotes
Xero and Quotient Integration
Xero and Quotient Integration

Key Consideration: Quotient is a cloud-based configure-price-quote (CPQ) solution that allows small business users to create, send and manage professional quotes. Although we added it to the best project management integrations list because of its integration with Xero and feature of creating quotes. But, as a project management tool, it is not that great. It does not allow users to customize the software easily as per their business needs. And it is a little expensive for more than one user when compared to other project management tools.

Price for 10 users: US$ 250/month[One Man Band Plan]

#11 Xero Integration with Myhours

Myhours Highlights
  • Time reporting and project examination
  • Project billing
  • Expense tracking
  • Attendance tracking
  • Project profitability calculation
  • Timesheet time monitoring
Project management integration for Xero

Key Consideration: My Hours is one of the best free time tracking software and TSheets alternatives in the market. With over 20 years of operation, this intuitive and versatile time management solution has served over 100,000 customers and has aided project managers in productivity through its expense-monitoring feature. 

My Hours aids teams in tracking their progress and checking how much time they spend on projects at intervals. Its real-time tracking feature makes it easy to track employees’ productivity.

It is available for Android, iOS, and Web versions, and they all work synchronously, making it easy to use and stay up to date on users’ accounts.

Price for 10 users: US$ 60 per month


And when choosing the right Project Management tool, look into the larger perspective and select the software that is best for your business along with the Xero integration.

And before choosing a Project Management tool you always need to go for a test drive. Time to signup for TeamWave’s free trial and see for yourself why we call it the best.

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